The Declaration

In the days following the Boston Marathon tragedy, many people committed to running next year, not letting an evil act deter from the event going forward. One of my friends decided to start training for the marathon a few days later. When he posted that on Facebook – I told him that I would be there at the finish line to cheer him on in achieving his goal.

And then I started to think that I should do something to “earn” my right to be at the finish line of the marathon as well. Most of you reading this know that I have NO interest in running a marathon! It’s not on my “bucket list” and never has been. Someone once asked me, “Have you ever seen a runner that looks like they are having a good time!” The answer is NO!

Instead, my “Marathon Training” for the 2014 race will be a “Marathon Weight Loss.” I am committing to loosing 78.6 pounds (that’s three pounds for every mile of the marathon)!

There are so many metaphors and themes that fit so nicely with this – that I thought it would be a good way for me to approach the one that thing I have never been able to conquer – loosing weight! You all know that I love themes.

I chose to start this on Independence Day! My journey will be from Independence Day to Patriots Day! My love of history makes this appropriate.

So, just as those American Patriots declared their Independence on July 4th, 1776, today, I declare:

“I hold these truths to be self-evident: that I can accomplish this goal if I put my mind to it, that I am blessed by loving family and friends who will support me in this journey, that this will not be easy, and like training and running a marathon, there will be highs and lows and I need to take it one day/step at a time, that behavior modification is a must, that I must exercise as part of this journey, that this is just the beginning of a new way of life for me, and that ultimately my life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be better for having made this journey!”

I will document my marathon journey here. I will post tips and tricks, photos, recipes, and random thoughts.

Take your mark…and I’m off from Hopkington to Copley Square!

Boston Strong!

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